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We make interactive dramas

About us

We develop minimalistic games in the interactive fiction genre. We put content above form and consider the gameplay as subordinate to artistic goals.

Our studio was founded in 2017 during a casual talk on the sports ground. In 2019 after trying our hand at network competitions we released our first interactive novel Railways of Love on mobile phones. Now we are working on a drama about growing up — Dull Grey. We’re planning a release in Steam, Google Play and App Store in 2020.

The action of our games takes place in the fantastic world of the Progress-program. This world takes its origin in the series of Russian-language fiction by Roman Vlasov.

Our team:

Dull Grey

An interactive coming-of-age drama in the traditions of Soviet fiction about choosing a profession.




Mother and her teenage son live on the edge of the world amid hot springs, steam, mountains, five-story houses and rusty freight robots. Their present is routine. Their future is under the strict control of Progress-program. Which also means routine.

Making their choice they seem to be on the horns of a dilemma. But it may also be a rare chance to escape the dull grey surrounding them.

If they could only find a way to use it.

Winner of Games Cup 2019 competition in Russia in “The most innovative game” nomination.

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Railways of Love

An interactive road novel about love and fate in the tradition of the Russian classics.


Train wheels click-clack monotonously. Two people - a man and a woman - go back home from the city of the future. They have feelings for each other. They are doomed to part.

Change their destiny and help the protagonists confess their love. It won’t be simple, but every successive attempt will reveal more about the world controlled by Progress-program, about the protagonists’ background and will unlock additional paths through the conversation.

Every small detail of the dialogue is important: blinking light, spikehead outside the window, music in the next compartment. Discover the right sequence of these events to finally…

And it is tempting to say – make the protagonists happy. But what is happiness? What sacrifice should be made to find it? Is it possible at all? Answers to such questions may turn out to be unexpected.

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